Liposuction inner thigh (magician in Medan) 

Hi, i am here to blog about my successful liposuction in Medan with Dr Tjandra.

Many of us wanted to be slim but fail because of aging, metalbolism rate slow down , stubborn fats, even when you are young .no matter how hard you workout that irritating pce of oil just wouldnt wana leave your body.

I have been searching for good docs in google reviews .but fail most of the time .i even fly to certain countries for consultation. PS : Singapore liposuction costs is so damn ex.. so i skipped.

1 fine day i browse and scrolled to the image page in google. I rem i type ; liposuction , so some images appeared. And 1 pic caught my eyes .i was thinking HELL NO…..did she edit her fat thighs? So i began to search the website it is ELIXIR DE VIE.Dr Tjandra Arthur .He is the king of lipo . To me he is a magician to most of the gals .lollll! Check out his youtube vids and you will be suprise with the before and after results.

I m bother with my gain weight 10kgs . Esp my inner thighs. They rubbed together like nobody business, they will curl up my shorts in the middle of my pubic area! So damn irritating and depressing! Luckily Dr Arthur to the rescue! I emailed Jennifer cotto, secretary of Dr Arthur ‘s. I booked a date and morning flight.

Due to my age and the tolerance of pain, i only  choose to lipo my inner thigh 1st. Cos thats my disturbing part. But usually dr will advice a 3D sculpt cos thats the only way to achieve a perfect features which it is! The lipo charges is go by per area sgd1050 (this is after signing the consent of 30% deduction . If no signing for the approval of video and photo taking, that will be no deduction  .which means u need to pay more!) For thighs altogether is 7 areas to get a perfect super model looks! But for mine is consider 3areas. Inner , frontal and knees. Just the inner portion removal , i can see the amazing results ! But definitely i be going back for the rest of 4areas at the same time transfer fats to my granny buttocks to get the perfect proportional looks.

  • This is before lipo.see! My fatty thighs.they stick together and never leave each other like lovers

After liposuction immediate 2nd day. I want to cry because I never see these 2 chopsticks for many years lol

 Can you see the difference? 2nd day after lipo

This is after 3weeks post.

Doc did say 6months is the final results as the swelling parts still not yet subside. My actual thighs is quite swollen now. Now is only 1 month plus .i hope i can achieve to the 2nd day results , i trust Dr tjandra . I will be uploading pics soon stay tuned…….

Before and after pic. On the right side is after lipo 1 month exactly. 


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