Liposuction TBC 

Hi, it’s been almost a year since I write on blog. 

Want to update on my thighs liposuction. 

I have actually lost omos 10 kgs and my thighs of course looks drastically different. 

  • Thank you Doc Arthur Tjandra whom enlighten me to keep on going, 
  • telling me before we have a mindset of getting liposuction, we must stay healthy and aware of our diet, lose weight, eat healthier. That is the main issue! Liposuction is not the only solving problems to everything. 
  • Here is some pictures for you guys to view, after 10 months of lipo on thighs 
  • And 7 months of tummy lipo ed. 

How can I even cross my legs peacefully while sitting down 10 months ago. 

But look at me now! 

  1. Checkout my back thigh, PS, if you have noticed some circles marked, that’s my Chinese cupping. 

After lipo thighs, I did went back 3 months later for tummy liposuction, 

As usual, email Jennifer cotto for appointment, 

Book a flight with Garuda, and while reach, definitely welcome by the nurses with smiles. 😍😁👍

Wanted to post the rooms, but unfortunately I have lost all my data files in my old hp 😕🙁sad

But nvm! M going back for my complete lipo soon, this time is the last section, arms lipo. 

Liposuction in medan we need to stay over at least for a day, Dr Arthur stay in the hospital /house too, he and the nurses will be there to assist and take care of the patients, to make sure everything is going well,the rooms are air condition. 2rooms are attached with bathrooms which make it easy for us, charges wise are cheap too! 

  • Now, let’s get back to the previous on tummy. 
  • Dr Arthur loves 3D effect lipoed. Which gives everyone a yummy licious body structure whenever which angle u turn to, so on tummy area, he did a 5area on me to gimme a full results 

I love it 

Pls take a look, 

This is after liposuction 7months later 

If you notice down 👇 picture, I have no waistline at all 👇 (before) 

But look at my waistline now! 👇👇👇can you see the difference.? Yes! I have waist!

Dr Arthur charges are increasing, but still, is cheaper than many others whom they are so-called the professional 1s, which I disagree 👎. 

As for the increment of price, I’m gonna do 3d arms which consist of 4areas, and after subsidies, $5600. So per area 5600 /4 =





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